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McIntosh Laboratory

Founded in 1949 McIntosh has one of the longest histories in manufacturing of world-class audio equipment.  The company started in Silver Spring, Maryland and moved to Binghamton, New York in 1956 where all products are still designed and built today. With over 65 years of experience McIntosh truly offers legendary performance. It has a very strong and recognizable identity with its iconic Blue Power Output meters. These carefully calibrated meters give constant visual feedback about the real power that is delivered to your loudspeakers and preventing them from being over driven.

All products are built by hand at the Binghamton factory. Even all chassis parts and glass front-panels are created in house by people that share a strong love for the company. Every product is built to last forever. Logo’s and texts for example are all imbedded on the inner side of the glass to preserve them over time. In such case that your product is in need of a new front-panel the McIntosh team can rebuild almost every model since the early days of its existence.

McIntosh MC601 FrontMcIntosh MA8000 Front

McIntosh Unique features

McIntosh Laboratory has its own engineering and design team that develops new technologies for all product categories. The examples listed below are only a few unique features of the amplifiers.

Sentry Monitor™     

The Sentry Monitoring circuit is one of the many typical McIntosh patented designs that improve both performance and reliability. Sentry Monitor is a fuse-less protection circuit that disengages the amplifiers output stage before the current exceeds safe operating levels. This innovative circuitry protects both amplifier and speakers and resets itself automatically when the current drops to a safe level making each McIntosh extremely reliable.

Power Guard©

Power Guard is another circuit specifically designed and patented by McIntosh. It is a comparison circuitry acting as a dynamic limiter continuously monitoring input and output signals. Whenever the detected input level exceeds a predetermined level that could potentially push the amplifier into distortion the Power Guard system will dynamically reduce the input-signal. Photo-optics react in 1/1000th of a second to regulate power levels to  speaker, protecting both speakers and amplifier. Systems without such solution are easily driven into harsh sounding distortion while most systems with a protection often degrade overall sound quality. Power Guard only suppresses the peaks in the signal rendering the rest of the music signal untouched and in full dynamics.

Output Autoformer

Another unique technology that assures full rated amplifier output with the least possible distortion to any speaker. In normal amplifier design the power output of the amplifier is a function of the connected speaker load. With speaker impedances varying between 2 Ohms and 8 Ohms the specified output power (in Watts) is all but certain. The Output Autoformer is a special transformer that is designed and manufactured in-house. It allows any speaker type to be used with a McIntosh amplifier and still deliver all the power that the amplifier is designed to deliver. When you change your speakers, McIntosh amps will evolve with them and will always deliver ‘all the power you pay for’.

McIntosh MCT450 Angle

McIntosh MT10 Front Top


Although McIntosh has built its history with (power) amplifiers, it also manufactures a number of high-performance sources that match extremely well with its amplifiers.  These sources range from “traditional” CD and BluRay players and transports, two feature-rich streamers or media bridges, two turntables or a DA converter.  Many of the integrated and pre-amplifiers are equipped with digital inputs including USB.

To understand which McIntosh product best fits your demands, visit the McIntosh Laboratory website or open de McIntosh pricelist for the Benelux. Authorized McIntosh dealers can be found using our dealer locator.